Rumor: VA for Mega Man in MVC3

The Mega Man in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 rumors will not die. After already seeing somewhat curious images, our latest report comes from IMDB. There, one Zachary Gordon is listed as voicing Mega Man in the game. I suppose we'd assume this is classic Mega Man, though there are a few other guys called that. It's a pretty popular name. According to Event Hubs, via Protodude's Rockman Corner, IMDB will list casting as rumors if they are unsubstantiated. Zachary Gordon is not as of yet listed as a rumor, although Kaj-Erik Eriksen is, who allegedly will take the role of X. Wait, really? Can't say I'm really sure how IMDB receives and verifies their info, so in the meantime we'll still just consider this a maybe. Hey, the game is out in a couple months anyway. We really ought to know by then!

Thank you, Glitcher!