Voting Begins for Bonne Mecha Contest

Submissions for designs in the Mega Man Legends 3 Bonne Mecha contest have wrapped up, and Capcom Unity has now opened voting. Rather than simply voting on your favorite design, you can give each design a rating of one through five stars, a system I personally find to be pretty clever. The five highest rated designs will join the five top voted designs from Japan to then be judged by the development staff. Voting will wrap on on Sunday, December 5th, at 11:59PM PST. Also, Capcom Unity does mention surprises in store for Devroom members who have a Servbot number, so be sure to grab yours if you still haven't! Incidentally, I do have a design among the submissions. If you come across it, I hope you receive it well. Never said I wouldn't try to work my clout, hahahaha!! But in all seriousness, get in there and vote; make your voices heard!

UPDATE: Apparently a Birdbot got into the system at Capcom Unity and mucked everything up! Because of this, the voting is going to have to be restarted when things get worked out. We'll keep you posted on when it's going again.