OCR Releases 3rd Teaser of MMX Series Fan Album

In September, we posted a tantalizing preview of an upcoming Mega Man X series fan remix project. Since then, the hard working community at OverClocked ReMix has been slaving away to fill your ear holes with more Mega Man X Series remixes than you can shake a Z-Saber at. The album may not be finished just yet, but they have been nice enough to release a whopping 16 and a half minute preview. It includes a lot of new material as well as some other sections of songs heard in previous teasers.

A quick refresher: The final album is planned to have over 70 tracks, covering (to varying extents) the entire numbered X series (sorry, no Command Mission at the moment).

Warning: Due to the long nature of this teaser, it isn't as polished as the previous ones. There are currently volume inconsistencies between tracks. Also, there is some pretty severe popping from about 7:52 - 9:01 that will, of course, be fixed in the final mix. But don't let that stop you from enjoying the music!

Teaser #3: [audio:http://bahamutwc.com/Files/MRFinalPreview.mp3]

There's still no word on a release date for the full album, but considering that this is supposedly the "final" teaser, I imagine it's not far off. You can check out the project thread here.

Thanks to Fei-Long for sending this in!