Yet More Rockman Online Details

Getting tired of hearing about Rockman Online? Actually, from most of the comments I've seen, most of you folks are pretty much frothing at the mouth to play this game. Well, better move to South Korea! But if that option is unavailable, here are some more facts to chew on.

  • NeoWiz is aiming to have a closed beta test started during the first half of next year.
  • The game was originally planned to be an MMORPG, but is now being developed as just an MORPG.
  • The G-Star demo featured the Gaia area, which contained the forest stage and secret base stage. Additional areas being planned include Atlas, Oceanus and Nike.
  • Besides X, Zero and Duo, Cinnamon is indeed an additional character type, and they are thinking of adding 2-3 more.
  • Stages are being planned with three levels of difficulty, and the G-Star demo represented the absolute middle. Having four players is recommended to tackle the game's hardest difficulty.
  • One of X's special attacks is described as a Capoeira-style spinning kick he can do in the air to repeatedly hit enemies at close range.
  • Trap elements include items like decayed floors, bombs and switches to open and close doors.
  • One of the features of the game will be "up and down" movement. Despite being a 2D platformer, this will make use of the 3D graphics to bring out more depth. (Perhaps like Metroid Other M).
  • There are five points of character customization: head, body, weapon, legs and case (presumably for a carry-on item). The more you level up, the better equipment you can use, and already there is equipment as high as level 50.
  • The matching lobby will be able to hold roughly 200 players, where they can buy equipment and communicate with one another. PVP is also planned on being added.

News Credit: GAME Watch (via CAP Kobun)