Mega Man in MVC3 Leaked? Round Two!

A little while back we reported on the possible inclusion of Mega Man in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 based on some visual evidence, but that turned out to be a total wash. But hey, maybe it's worth another shot. The image on the right allegedly leaked out on IPlayWinner today, but like all good leaks was soon deleted afterwards. That didn't stop the image from spreading around however, and in this case was found again in an EventsHub comments thread. It's tough to read but it clearly shows Mega Man listed. I've also taken the liberty of editing out other leaked names, as they don't pertain to this site. If this is legit I'm not going to be behind spoiling so much! But you can find it elsewhere if you really need to. As mentioned before, it'd hardly be surprising to see Mega Man jump into the fray, already being a Marvel Vs. Capcom veteran. But perhaps we will find out later this week, when more MVC3 info is supposed to be coming out.

Thanks, Seiko!

Edit: I'm told this image is actually not quite new. But a rumor is a rumor, and so far this image is building a decent track record with Zero and She-Hulk included.