Do You Smell What The Rock(man) is Cookin'?

Okay, so this actually has nothing to do with famed former WWE Superstar Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, though given the recent announcement of his inclusion in the upcoming Transformers: Prime cartoon as Cliffjumper, it does leave one to wonder what kind of role he might be well-suited for in the world of Mega Man. Anyway, while this post does not actually have anything to do with The Rock, it does involve pro-wrestlers at Capcom in Japan showing love for the Blue Bomber, so that's close enough to justify the reference... right?

Over on Capcom Unity, they tell of a recent visit paid to their Shinjuku offices by wrestlers Kenny Omega of Canada and Japan's own Kota Ibushita. And as you can see, the two are big fans of "The Rock(man)," even going so far as to pose with the Blue Bomber and some Servbots with their IWGP title belts:


What's more, Rockman community manager Uchida-san, who courteously showed the two around, passed along the following:

Kenny loves Capcom games so much, in particular MM, that he uses Dr. Willy Stage from MM2 as his theme song. I believe there are lots of WWE fans in the US (as I am), and wanted to share this news with you.

While we could not find an actual video of Kenny Omega making his entrance, it would seem that this is the version of the-- *ahem*-- "Willy" stage theme used.

In addition, Uchida-san asked "Do you know a MM cover band called Mini Bosses? Kenny told me about them and that he is a big fan of them."

As it turns out, though, Mega Man isn't the only touch of Capcom Kenny Omega adds to his matches; he is also known for incorporating "Hadokens," as well as Zangief's Ultra move from Street Fighter.

And, for anyone else who watches World Wrestling Entertainment on a regular basis, here's an amusing bit from an independent show featuring Kenny Omega and "American Dragon" Daniel Bryan (aka Brian Danielson):