Legends 3 Project #2: Design a Bonne Mecha!

Update: Full details now at Capcom Unity. Check it out! Before the Legends 3 devroom kicks off, another project has come along to undertake. This time, fans will be able to design and submit their ideas for a Bonne family mecha. The Devroom blog on Capcom of Japan has lots of details on this endeavor. First of all, they provide images of previous Bonne mecha to give you an idea of what the designs are like.

However, unlike other boss contests where you can design whatever comes to mind, there is a certain direction intended for this one, which is presented in a 4 page packet. The first page describes the scene of the battle, where you imagine yourself deep in a ruin that has a strong feeling of danger. As you try to grab the treasure, however, the Bonne family suddenly comes crashing through the ceiling in their mecha to attack you!

The following pages provide an above view of the room, and coming in from the right, the treasure is below and there's a door above. Ishihara provides a visual idea of the ruin, saying it has an environment like the Lake Jyun subgate from the first Legends. It's a damp and gloomy ruin, which seems to have water pouring out from the sides and puddles all around. The Bonnes crash through this ceiling, but this activates a trap in the ruin, causing the whole ceiling to start coming down. While this is all going on, the floor suddenly starts to rise. This leads to a moment of humor with the Bonnes, with Tron yelling to close the hatch. The mecha is unable to attack here. But it will use the water to move to a proper battlefield, as water is pouring in from the hole in the ceiling.

Eguchi adds a little image of Servbots synchronized swimming... This seems nonsensical, but there is an implication that the Servbots will be used in the battle somehow, a la Legends 2. However, there will of course be entirely new actions and abilities in this. As advice, Eguchi says the most important thing is to consider the experience you want as a player, and to consider the Bonnes' operations. Also, if you have trouble describing the concept details with words, describe it with images. Further down in the post, there are dossiers of the Bonne family to acquaint people new to the series with them.

It's sure to be a tough competition, but it will be worth it as well, since the winner will get their name in the credits! Also, people whose ideas are selected will be awarded "Devroom Zenny," though what exactly this is will be explained later. (If you like you can check our articles as well: Tron Bonne, Teisel Bonne, Bon Bonne, Servbot)

Well folks, start thinking of those designs! Though before you start drawing something out, be sure to check by Capcom Unity for their reciprocal post on the matter, which will certainly have many more details than here. Additionally, there so far seems to be no means to submit designs, but I suspect this will be resolved with the opening of the Devroom.