The Legends 3 Team Offers Reassurance Following Inafune's Departure

The departure of Keiji Inafune from Capcom has caused quite a stir lately, as people wonder what will become of their favorite franchises-- particularly those with which Inafune himself had close involvement. Mega Man Legends 3, for example. Capcom has attempted to quell the panic, but perhaps their efforts were not enough. In any case, some new word on the topic has come from within Capcom, this time from the Legends 3 development team itself:

From all of us here on Mega Man Legends development team,

We realize that events of the past few days have given many of you great cause for concern, and we apologize for taking so long to get back to you.

We have been reading all of your comments from the past few days, many of them expressions of anxiety and many of encouragement.

Honestly, though many of us are still a little dazed and confused about all of this, the “can-do” fire inside us is still burning as hot as ever!

Not only will the dev team continue on with Legends 3 Project, we will push forward even harder than before to complete Mega Man Legends 3!

And just like up until now, we hope that you will continue to help the Legends 3 Project grow.

Together, let’s make the best Mega Man Legends ever!

In addition, they promise that their next post will yield further details regarding their new "powered-up" Devroom community.

And for those who may have forgotten, Inafune's departure does not leave the team short on people with experience regarding the series, and the new Legends appears to be in good, capable hands. Just the same, as Inafune said in his interview, we may yet see how much of the franchise's success correlates with his presence.

Source: Capcom Unity