Legends 3 Developer Room is Gearing Up

Capcom has opened developer rooms for Mega Man Legends 3 on both the Japan side and the US side as a means of getting the fans involved with the game's development. So far things have been fairly plodding, with preparations getting in place, but activity will be heating up in the coming month. That's when the dev room will fully open, allowing fans to interact with the developers as co-developers.

In the meantime, Capcom Unity is asking questions from both fans and non-fans to gain perspective about the feelings towards the Legends series:

1) Legends fans, what is it that you liked most about Legends? And how would you like to participate in the development of Legends 3 going forward?

You may have already submitted similar comments earlier, but please let us hear them again for the record.

2) Those of you who have never played Mega Man Legends, what exactly was it that brought you here? And what expectations do you have of the Legends 3 project?

Please let us hear from you even if what you say isn't exactly an answer to these questions.

Please leave your comments in this forum thread. When leaving a comment, please indicate which group you belong to (1) or (2).

So far group (2) has been quite underrepresented, and we would like to have everyone's participation so that we can make this a truly interactive game development project.

It sounds like Capcom plans on reaching out to just fans, who are of course hotly anticipating this title, but looking for ways to make the game appeal to prospective newcomers as well. To that end, you should definitely head over to Capcom Unity and give your insight!