Revival! The TMMN Megacast #002!!

First off I need to apologize. Although there's no specific posting schedule, this podcast is coming a little delayd both due to my poor scheduling abilities and Minecraft addiction. But this is the October episode, and it is October, so I win!

In this very awesome (or maybe underwhelming) episode of The Megacast, I am joined again by Mainfinger and Tabby as we talk about Mega Man games that have no real concrete information surrounding them, making for lots of thrilling speculation and astounding guessing! Though I will admit that the whole effort might all be lost had we not been joined for an interview with awesome Mega Man rock band THE MEGAS. They (three-fourths of them anyway) appear to talk about their inspirations, stuff in the works, and deliver their recent single You've Sparked A War for our musical break. Definitely the highlight! Oh, and Dr. Wily comes around too. And, well... can't spoil everything!

I know some of you have been asking for a page that organizes the new podcast series. This is something we will definitely do, I assure you. We're always busy here on The Mega Man Network, and after some stuff clears up, liking mining some obsidian and making some spare diamond swords, I will personally see that it gets done. For now, enjoy! And send in your Dr. Wily questions! Also, if you have any suggestions for discussion topics, by all means put them here, in our forum, or e-mail us.