Rockman DASH? More like Blockman DASH!

Blockman DASH Minecraft Mod Mega Man LegendsIf you've been active on the internet, chances are pretty good that you've heard of this whole "Minecraft" thing. If not, here's a primer. Despite being in Alpha, the game is blowing up huge. The game might not be in a finished state, but that isn't stopping the mod community from going nuts. What does this have to do with Mega Man? Well, it seems even the Minecraft community has got a case of Mega Man Legends 3 Fever. A group of very dedicated fans have re-skinned all of Minecraft's textures, swapped out its sound effects, changed its items, and more to turn Minecraft into the cleverly titled "Blockman DASH". It sure beats my simple Legends mod.

You can find a full list of features as well as the download link for the mod (and its first patch) on the Blockman DASH thread in the Minecraft forums.