What Capcom Wants to See in Legends 3

About a year and a half ago I wrote an article about five things I'd want to see in Mega Man Legends 3. A nice little fluff piece, for sure, and no more insightful than what any of us might write about wanting in Legends 3. But what about what the people who make the games want? That could prove to be a bit more intriguing since, well, they're in a better position to make it happen. Over at The Reploid Research Lavatory, #20 has uncovered and translated three items that the developers of the Rockman DASH games had expected to tackle in a future installment, back when DASH 2 was finished. Things such as, what's the deal with Volnutt's past self — Trigger?

Some concepts… Some things we had thought about and planned out while working on 2, but left out so we could use it later. Actually, the design for Rockman Trigger’s original appearance was one of those things. (We had even planned on using it in 2 for a while…) But, until DASH 3 comes out, we can’t really show you or tell you too much about it. Those kinds of things are really best experienced in the games themselves. Well, tell you guys what, if we go 5, or even 10 years and DASH 3 still hasn’t come out, we’ll find some way to show you all, “this is what we were going to do!”

Well then, sounds like they're just making the cut! And while nothing is set in stone, this is definitely something I'd expect seeing in our wonderful new 3DS title. Check out the rest of #20's article for more, not to mention other articles concerning Rockman DASH development details!