Rockman Online Blog Details Gaia

Another update from the Rockman Online blog, this time detailing the military city of Gaia, which serves as the starting point for players. So far 200 Percent Protagonist has an initial translation summary, with a full translation expected soon (we will update with that). Check out the details after the break.

Hello, Alia here. The online blog is a place to visit often as I’ve mentioned before. Yes, today is “Gaia”.

The military city Gaia is located in the terrestrial northern hemisphere and is the center of UCA military powers. This is the first stop for all new Irregular Hunters.

This time I’ll tell you about Gaia.

Historical Significance of Gaia

Centuries ago, X, Zero, Axl and Irregular Hunter Commander Signas recognized the need to respond to Irregulars like the URA.

Accordingly, past commander Signas has equipped the place with similar environmental conditions to those encountered by the legendary hunters. You can learn how to fight more effectively by exploring the area.

In other words, the military city of Gaia is a training location and is the heart of the Irregular Hunters.

Military formation of the city

Gaia was initially a training city for new Irregular Hunters, and was initially a small town, but has grown because of the conflicts with the URA and as more people began to frequent the area.

Eventually the transition to facilities for large-scale troop transports began, requiring more defenses to protect them.

(There’s a section here I can’t make heads or tails of.)

The military town of Gaia is the safest place within the UCA, but intensive anti-URA targets are also the most dangerous places.

Military conflicts within the city of Gaia

(this section is giving me a lot of trouble, but calls out Doppler Town and Repliforce, oddly.)

Careful Selection (maybe should be Conclusion?)

Well … I think the story could be a little longer. I don’t know, I didn’t want to bore you …^^;

(There’s something here about a secret project, but Google fails me here too.)

Some things are secret even to operators, but some advice for the sake of all missions:

Choose carefully and always ‘worry’. If you want to make good decisions, believe in your operators, commander Signas, and keep unwavering determination that Hunters are in the right. So own your critical moments and believe.

Until next time.

Alia out… ^ ^