Mega Man Legends 3 Project Director Introduces the Staff

Following the initial announcement of Mega Man Legends 3 last week, some people have expressed some concerns about the project, as relatively little is known about it thus far. One such concern has been about who exactly would be on board developing this title. Fortunately, that question has been answered (at least in part) today by director Masakazu Eguchi (pictured at right... sort of). Over on Capcom Unity, they've posted a translation of the developer blog which introduces the staff members. And so far, it seems so good-- at least, if you're hoping for some series veterans to be taking the reins on this one.

For starters, fans of the series should already be familiar with director Eguchi's work. In addition to directing Legends 2, he also worked as a planner on such sections as the Nino Island Ruins, Calinca Ruins, and Pirate Train missions.

He also notes he was "still a freshman" at the time, and there were things that he wanted to do in Legends 2, but didn't. Following that title, he kept the ideas in the back of his mind while working on the Battle Network and Star Force titles until the time came that he would be able to use them.

Of course, Eguchi is not the only familiar face. Yoshinori Kawano, who directed both of the previous Legends titles is also returning to oversee the overall project, offering insight to the rest of the staff about what makes Legends the "legend" it is.

Eguchi continues:

Also, we have reunited art directors, planners, designers from the early Legends titles as well as enlisted support from their students, the members EXE and Star Force teams. To top it off, weโ€™ve sprinkles in leaders and key staff from the Monster Hunter, Lost Planet, and Basara titles. I think that it is safe to say that we have put together a team of talent who will best be able to combine the best of both old and new for this project.

He continues by saying that they will do their best to provide an unforgettable adventure, one which-- with our help-- will draw in new players to the series along with the old.

Eguchi will elaborate on that last point at another time, but it appears he has other, more pressing matters to attend to, as he points out that the New York Comic-Con will be this weekend. And as we already know, Capcom will be in attendance, hopefully with something new for us to sink our teeth into.