First Kotobukiya Colored Blues Pic... Kinda Sucks (Update: Much Less Sucky)

Update: Well now, here's a MUCH better picture than what we had before. Here are the first legit pics of the colored Blues model, from Capcom of Japan. We also have a few additional details as well: the figure will release in Japan in January of 2011, and like Rockman and Roll, cost ¥3,150, including tax (roughly $37.80 US). Naturally he can hold his shield and carry it on his back, and he will come with three difference facial plates, though no mention of what varieties (such as if he has his Breakman disguise). All in all, it's probably everything you dreamed of.

Original crappy image/post after the break. Thanks Shoot Man!

Last weekend, the Akihabara Rockman Festival kicked off, shilling a wide variety of Rockman goods. The event was also witness to the first sighting of the colored Blues figure, the third in Kotobukiya's Rockman line. Unfortunately for the time, photography was strictly prohibited. However, Kotobukiya now has their own post on the event, and are finally giving us non-attendees our first look!... Almost. For some reason, they are still keeping the figure obscured, perhaps because our minds are unprepared for its sheer coolness and our brains would boil into a plasma-hot soup of excitement. Or something. But they do promise to reveal the figure proper before long. Incidentally, "kotobukiya" is Japanese for humongous tease. Yeah I know Japanese, seriously. Anyway, you can check out their article for additional event pics.

Thanks, Auto!