Bandai May Produce Rockman X Figure (Updated)

Back in January, Bandai took requests for what figures consumers would want to see in their figure line. Among the most requested figures, Rockman X made the 5th spot in the voting.  Now to my understanding, as Rockman X is a runner-up, that doesn't necessarily confirm the figure is going into production, and as of yet there is no release or price information to speak of. However, tipster Auto says it's unlikely Bandai would spend the money to create a prototype and show it off if they had no plans to produce it. In the meantime, the above prototype will be on display to the public with all the other requested figures this weekend at the Tamashi Nation event, at Akihabara Akiba Square UDX2F. I know X series fans are feeling a tad left out these days, so lets hope this one makes the cut.

Update: A couple additional images we missed before are available after the break. Furthermore, a sign indicated that there were a number of Rockman characters among the most desired D-Arts figures. These are Zero (Rockman X), Zero (Rockman Zero), X (Rockman X), Rockman (Rockman EXE), and Forte. However, none of the listed figures are guaranteed to go into production. Thanks, Jun!

Thanks, Auto! [Images via Hobbystock]