Get Equipped with Icing

A common joke used by some to make fun of video game blog Kotaku is to make fun of their former tendency to frequently post video game cakes of all shapes and sizes. And on occasion, Heat Man has suggested in jest that maybe that's the direction this site will take.* Well, I am here today to assure you that is not the case. We will not bring to you a cake formed in the visage of our heroic Blue Bomber...

...we will bring you his likeness captured in cupcakes. 118, to be precise, forming a pixel-art likeness of Mega Man's computerized cranium.

Have a look below, and see how the edible confections stack up to the digital version of ol' Rocky Light's noggin:

Thanks to Jason Leyanna of Realm of Gaming for passing this along.

* And in case any of you were wondering, yes, I absolutely did do this to spite Heat Man. May his anger ignite the candles to be placed atop these treats in celebration of all that is blue, and all that goes "pew! pew! pew!"