More Ruminating with Mega Man Legends

Yet another dose of Mega Man Legends rumors have appeared over at Protodude's Rockman Corner. Of course, rumors are just rumors, but there's a little twist here: the source this time is The Shadow, a name you may be familiar with. That is, the same The Shadow who previously leaked information on Mega Man 9 some time back (though for whatever reason was silent on Mega Man 10 and Mega Man Universe). According to The Shadow, a Mega Man Legends game is indeed in the works, but those involved are being tight lipped about it. Additionally, the game has no working title yet, so it is not necessarily Mega Man Legends 3.

While I am of a very skeptical nature, I have to concede the good possibility that something is going on with all this. While the rumors have all been sketchy, there's something still to be said of frequency. If an owl cries in the woods three times, you may never see it but you can still be pretty sure it was an owl. Frankly, we too have heard from "sources" months ago that a new Legends title was in the work. But as is common in these cases, there's usually so little to go on to merit reporting. But it certainly may be more relevant now.

That all being said, this will probably be our last rumor post until something more substantial comes along.