Hideki Kamiya Teases Mega Man Legends

While I don't see so much in this at this point, I suppose it's worth passing on. Hideki Kamiya, former Capcom and Clover designer, tweeted the night before about meeting Yoshinori Kawano, the director of the Legends games. Roughly translated, he wrote:

"Oh, finally, I was introduced to Capcom's Kawano-san today, who was also the maker of Rockman DASH. But when I told him the wish to "make a sequel to DASH" from a certain person, he gave me some sort of grin... If it's good it's good I suppose... Goodnight."

More recently, in response to someone who asked about him mentioning Rockman DASH, he wrote (in English): "If you're Dash fan, you'll be happy soon," and soon followed up (in Japanese): "I'm astounded at the number of reactions to some murmuring over Rockman DASH... It is loved by its fans." He finally response to more inqueries about DASH (in English) with: "But you gotta believe Kawano san!"

The second statement is definitely the most provocative, as it implies he knows something, but the initial exchange indicates Kawano did not actually give him any information about any projects. Therefore, Kamiya could be speaking of most anything (such as Marvel Vs. Capcom 3), and is informing us to give our encouragement to Kawano. But anything is possible really. One thing that has been misinterpreted, however, is Kamiya never declared any personal desire to make a sequel to DASH, so probably best not to get your hopes up for a Legends 3 delivered by Platinum Games.

Original report via Protodude's Rockman Corner