MMU Promo Reveals Air Man's Mouth

Remember when that first promo image for Mega Man Universe showed up, and revealed all the Mega Man 2 bosses? Well a newer, super-high quality version of the image allows us to delve deeper into analysis. It does answer some questions, though definitely raises some as well. Click for a larger version. Ah, how much more clear it is without that huge Mega Man blocking the view. Well we find out right behind him is... another Mega Man. To his left is definitely Air Man, as was speculated before. To his right is a customized character, seemingly made up of Mega Man, Air Man and Bubble Man. And Air Man's head (without his bulky body) has a mouth, well, sort of. Who knew!

Nevertheless, I still can't really gauge who those two are in the far right and left. And what's the deal with those crazy eyes guys in the back? They're really creeping me out... Maybe the game lets you play as Mega Man without his face on?

Edit: Since some of you aren't really paying attention to the full article and just looking at Air Man in the image straight away, let me point it out: