Angry Mega-Metal Man is Coming to Get You in MMU Overview

Since Capcom announced Mega Man Universe, Blue Bomber fans have been left wondering what to expect from the game itself. We learned early on that we could expect the opportunity to fight Mega Man's foes using other Capcom heroes, or even different versions of the super fighting robot himself, but little else.

But now, Capcom Unity has finally acquiesced to fan demand for what will ultimately define this game as what it is: the gameplay.

As you can see above, the suspected option of character customization is indeed one feature of the game, which allows you to mix and match custom parts to optimize your character. Naturally, different parts have different functions, thus allowing for a wide variety of possible combinations. You can customize your character with weapons, "chips" (perhaps additional abilities) and carried items.

Furthermore, it looks like there are "dual weapons," as indicated by some two-toned weapon icons. Or possibly they are weapon attributes (since a purple shield icon seems unbecoming of Leaf Shield). Considering it has its own stat, weapon energy may be shared among all weapons equipped.

There is also a stage editor which seems reminiscent of Mega Man Powered Up for the PlayStation Portable. And just as in that tragically-overlooked title, you can not only play through your own creations, but upload them so that their punishment may be inflicted upon others. "Aside from Mega Man themed stages," reports Unity, "there are a variety of custom stage parts that will be revealed soon."

The game will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show, so if there is new info to report, you can count on us to bring it. For now, check the super-sized screens below.

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