Get Prepped for Mega Man Universe at PAX

Capcom Unity has the lowdown for what to expect at PAX this weekend, if you happen to be in attendance. Among those items, new trailers and game levels for Mega Man Universe will be exhibited, so it sounds like we're going to finally see what the game looks like (unless it actually is a claymation style game in a kid's bedroom). Furthermore, the Capcom Unity crew will be giving out special Mega Man Universe headbands every hour.

I can't tell if "game levels" means the title will actually be playable or not, but TMMN staffers Mainfinger and Gelgameth will be at the event to cover whatever Mega Man goodness comes. Be sure to say hello to them if you notice them. And feel free to send your own impressions to us as well! I'd go myself but legal restrictions prevent me from entering the state of Washington.

PAX starts this Friday, so coverage is coming soon!