Teaser Trailer Surfaces for Rockman Online

So, this just happened:

What exactly is going on? We couldn't tell you-- your guess is as good as ours. But apparently, the Korean-exclusive Rockman Online is going to be taking place in some sort of hybrid world-- in addition to Rockman, Roll, Dr. Wily, the Yellow Devil, the original six Robot Masters, and Dr. Light, Blues seems to have a bit of a redesign while Forte is evoking the cloak his Battle Network counterpart.

In fact, they all seem to have some redesigns going on, some more than others. A unique take, to be certain.

On top of that, there is plenty of stuff for X fans as well, as Iris, Alia, and Signas all appear... but no sign of Rockman X or Zero. However, Protodude reports that other sites covering the game have confirmed the presence of the two legendary Irregular Hunters in this adventure.

All this, plus a villainous figure looming in shadow leads to a lot of intrigue. Unfortunately, no actual gameplay is shown, thus leaving that aspect of the game a mystery for now.

What's strange is the way things are set up. There had been a rumor that Online would tie the Classic and X timelines together, but that's not what this looks like. Chronologically speaking, if this were to be a late-Classic/early-X story, then the presence of Alia, Signas, and especially Iris seems rather off-the mark.

So does this tie the two series together, solving what happened in the interim between them? Or is it more akin to a crossover? We'll just have to wait and see.