More Mega Man Universe to Come at PAX?

Following Capcom's announcement of Mega Man Universe, fans were left with but one reaction. Indeed, Capcom revealed a new Mega Man game, but after three separate occasions of talking about it, no one had any real idea of what they just saw. Sure, there were plenty of theories and lots of speculation, but actual cold, hard facts were few.

Fortunately, that may change in just over a week, as Capcom's Manager of Public Relations Strategy, Wes Phillips, revealed the following on Twitter:

"Mega Man Universe is really cool. The curtain will be lifted a bit more at PAX."

Does this mean we may actually learn something of substance? The clock is ticking down to the Penny Arcade Expo, and MMN staff members Mainfinger and Gelgameth will be in attendance. However, with the term "a bit more" thrown in there, it is probably best not to expect too much from this.

We will bring you more as we hear it.

Source: via Protodude's Rockman Corner