Dr. Wily Prepares for the Next Game; Plus: More Mega Man & Wario

This has been making the rounds a bit lately, so we decided we should do our part in making sure as many Mega Man fans see it as possible. And if you already have... well, we hope you'll enjoy it one more time. In short, have you ever wondered how Dr. Wily spends time preparing for the next Mega Man game? YouTube user Jarosh Barksdale did, and came up with a series of nine microgames in WarioWare: D.I.Y. to illustrate the mad scientist's equally mad labors:

"The first part of the video consists of all the mini games played in order, 2 or 3 times in a row," he notes. "I occasionally make mistakes on purpose to show what happens when you lose."

"The second half is me playing the games shuffled in the Game Blender. I tried to keep it to around 20 rounds, so not all the deaths are unintentional. I don't suck THAT much at my own mini games."

For those unable to view the video, the nine microgames are as follows:

  • Spikes! - Dr. Wily tests the spike shafts
  • Dumpster Claw - Dr. Wily steals old robot masters from Dr. Light's dumpster
  • Door Jumping - Dr. Wily tests the boss doors for their... "jumpability"
  • Blocks! - Dr. Wily and Guts Man collect disappearing blocks
  • Eyebrows - Dr. Wily gets a much needed eyebrow trim (with some help from Cut Man)
  • Teleport - Dr. Wily tests the teleport hatches and tries not to turn into THE BEE
  • Fueling up - Dr. Wily gets gas for his saucer
  • Wily shops - Dr. Wily gets some shopping done before the big day
  • Revenge - Dr. Wily finally defeats Mega Man

These games are the results of three months of labor, "on and off."

Additional random facts about the games include:

Dumpster Claw:

  • There are 4 different robot masters that randomly appear in the dumpster: Crash Man, Shadow Man, Elec Man, Tornado Man
  • The contents of the dumpster change and items are shuffled around in every game
  • The "claw" is a modified version of Mega Man 9's Bunby Catcher enemy


  • The resulting transformation/mutation when you teleport with the bee was quite obviously inspired by The Fly

Fueling up:

  • The gas pump's OS gets pretty emotional over spilled fuel

Wily shops:

  • There are a total of 16 different enemies that are randomly stocked at Wily-Mart
  • The non-Mega Man enemies are from: SMB 1, SMB 3, Kirby's Dream Land, Dragon Quest, Pac Man and Castlevania III
  • The non-Mega Man disguises are obviously from SMB 3
  • Roll prints a receipt for you when you check out

You can learn more about the making of these microgames here, as well as find some other creations in the sidebar.

Not owning WarioWare: D.I.Y. myself, I'm unsure whether or not those numbers at the top are what allow you to download these games for yourself online. Hopefully they are, as otherwise it would be disappointing to not be able to.

And finally, so long as we have Wario and Mega Man together, we may as well throw in this fun fact: the magazine Club Nintendo, which at one time was the German equivalent to Nintendo Power, there was a comic story in which Dr. Light botches an attempt to duplicate Mario, resulting in the creation of the greedy grabber of goods known as Wario.

You can read about the story, "Super Mario - Die Verwandlung," at the Super Mario Wiki. Or, if you can read German, you can check out the full comic itself at www.Classic-Zone.de (it's the third one down).