A Little Look at Kotobukiya Rockman's Detailing

We know that the upcoming Rockman figure from Kotobukiya will come with quite a bit of detail, articulation and accessories. But an article from a hobbyist magazine reveals yet more. As you can see above, the Rockman figure will come with multiple "eye plates" that fit behind the face. Using these, you can even customize the direction Rockman's eyes are looking! I actually find this a bit useful, since sometimes, depending on the placement and orientation, a figure's face can look a little off.

And for those feeling daunted by seeing the blank eyes, don't worry. While painting the eyes on is an option, I'm also pretty sure the figure will come with detailed eye decals (I'd heard of the same feature with the Roll figure). Kotobukiya's Rockman figure releases next month! And man, really makes you wonder what level of detail will go into Blues' face...

News Credit: Brandon, Image Credit: Ngee Khiong