Kotobukiya Roll Figure Now in Color, Ready for Pre-order

Here is a flyer showing off Kotobukiya's Roll figure for the first time in color. The figure is slated for a December release, and will cost ¥3,150 (roughly $36.74 US), which amazingly is not much more than Rockman will go for in September. Remember, this figure features the ability to have Roll in her usual outfit or her Mega Man 8 outfit. The figure also comes with three facial expressions and three types of hand gestures. Many more images can be found here (scroll down for a bit). Hopefully we'll be seeing details on Kotobukiya's Proto Man figure pretty soon!

UPDATE: AmiAmi now has the Roll figure on pre-order. You can snag a total of three figures at a discount price of ¥2,180 a piece - 26% off the retail price. Thanks Auto!

Image Credit: Ngee Khiong