Scott Pilgrim's Creator on "Being" Mega Man

The worst thing about making this post is that I know some of you are probably going to read into this the wrong way or make a big deal about it. Nonetheless, here we go.

Capcom Unity posted a link and an excerpt from an interview conducted by Crave Online with Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O'Malley, wherein he describes the type of mindset which led to him placing his stories in a world where the fantastic tropes of video gaming are as commonplace as blue skies and green grass.

Naturally, Mega Man plays a part, or else we wouldn't be posting it here.

Q: How did you make the use of video games in the comic and movie so authentic?

Bryan Lee O’Malley: For me at first it just kind of came naturally. It was the mythology of my own life and I tried to literalize this sense of having spent time playing Mega Man, it’s kind of like you were Mega Man for those hours of your life. It’s like, “Oh, I was Mega Man.” In my teens and university and stuff, video games became more realistic or they started to. Something like Resident Evil 2, when they started becoming 3-D and they had fog and stuff, then I would start confusing that with reality once in a while, when I was tired. I extrapolated that back to the old Nintendo games. What if you played River City Ransom and you just remembered that as your high school experience. That was my inspiration for the book.

Spoken like a true geek.

And there you have it! Mega Man inspiring the work of others, just as the work of others inspired Mega Man.

And I realize some of you don't want to hear about Scott Pilgrim, but unfortunately, there's not a whole lot else going on at the moment until Inafune decides to spill a little more info on Universe (as in, any). Besides, it will die down soon enough.