Scott Pilgrim to Mega Man: "Now I've Got Your Schtick!"

So, there is this comic book character some of you may have heard of. His name is Scott Pilgrim, and he's the titular star of a series of six manga-esque graphic novels which seem to have sprung up overnight. What's more, there is apparently a movie which has appeared out of nowhere, scheduled to be released into theaters this Friday. And on top of that, a video game based on the movie which was based on the comic but still looks more like the comic was released yesterday on the PlayStation Network, with an Xbox LIVE Arcade version to follow on August 25th.

The thing about the whole Scott Pilgrim franchise is that it features a number of video game references. And by "a number," we mean copious amounts.

So when it came time to make the video game, it was clear to the developers what must be done.

An early pitch for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game was made to Ubisoft, and it looks quite a bit different from what was ultimately released, thanks to the talents of pixel artist Paul Robertson and chiptune composers Ananamanaguchi. In fact, it seems quite reminiscent of another hero many around here know and love...

If you're trying to place the music, Joystiq says they are chiptune covers of songs by the White Stripes, the Ramones, and the Smashing Pumpkins.

Source: Comics Alliance, via Joystiq and GoNintendo