Servbot Bobble Budds Coming to Capcom Store

A little while back, Capcom introduced a fun little Mega Man-themed toy: the Servbot Bobble Budd. Unfortunately only 1,000 were made for the Comic Con attendees to pick up. But if you were craving one before and couldn't get to the venue, worry not, Capcom will be stocking them in their own store in a week. The adorable Bobble Budds aren't just like your regular bobble head figure. They have adjustable arms, you can set the head to bobble or not bobble, and the body can be stored within its spherical head, for whatever need that may serve. Only 1,000 more were produced now, and they will go on sale August 12th for $9.95 US. You may preorder yours now, and may want to be quick - these are bound to go fast!

News Credit: Capcom Unity