In Baltimore This Weekend: OtaRockman at Otakon

This weekend in Baltimore, Maryland, from Friday, July 30th to Sunday, August 1st, will be Otakon. And what has become a part of the annual Otakon experience for many a Mega Man/Rockman fan is the gathering of like-minded individuals known affectionately as "OtaRockman." Each year, a fans tend to converge for cosplay photos and Mega Man gaming tournaments, with the time and place usually to be determined at the show (as Otakon tends to keep a rather fluid schedule; it's usually held behind or near the Starbucks kiosk at the main entrance). This year, the gathering begins at 11am on Saturday.

In previous years, Mega Man Battle Network games were the order of the day for tournaments, but host Terra Stardroid has decided to shake things up this year with a Mega Man 9 tournament in which you see how far you can go in Endless Mode within five minutes.

And yes, there will be trophies for the victors... or at least, there should be, if all goes according to plan. For your chance to be a champion, be at the OtaRockman gathering at noon on Saturday.

On Saturday at 8pm in Panel 6 (Hilton Key Ballroom 1-6) (date/location may be subject to change) will be the panel "The Anime & Manga Realm of Mega Man," hosted by myself, Tabby, Terra Stardroid, Robo Nanya, and Ryouko of Rockman.EXE Online:

For the past two years our focused group of Mega Man lovers have presented comprehensive panels at Otakon, all about our famous blue bomber. This year, we have dedicated ourselves to bringing forth all the facts and interesting tidbits about the adaptations of Mega Man into both the manga and anime forms. Several of them never made it to our shores, so we're sure you'll experience something new and exciting! As always, we'll also be doing our raffle for some unbelievable prizes. Don't miss it!

We even got a "Best Panel Award" (and the photograph you see at right) from Ending B, so give it a shot if you're in the area this weekend!

What unbelievable prizes will there be? Suffice to say that we once again have the support of our friends Matt Moylan and UDON Entertainment and JGonzo of Capcom Unity, but beyond that? It's a surprise!

And if you'd like to make plans for meeting with others at the event, we have a forum thread dedicated to that right here.