Amazon Japan Posts 9/25 Release Date for Kotobukiya Rockman Model

Remember the Kotobukiya Rockman model kit we've been reporting on all this year? Well, it appears that a release date may have finally been set for the item, which is sure to have a lot of Rockman collectors scrambling. Amazon Japan, who has a small gallery of images of the kit and its accessories, has posted a shipping date of September 25th for the kit. And while Capcom has yet to make an official announcement, RollChan confirmed via Protodude that she received the same date in a pre-order confirmation yesterday.

Depending on where you go to purchase the figure, it can run you as little as $23.58 USD, or as much as $38.00. You can find a list of online retailers who will be carrying it here, though it appears that some of the prices have increased slightly since it was posted.

Source: Protodude's Rockman Corner