Mega Man 10 Package Design Contest: The Results Are In!

Remember the package art contest for Mega Man/Rockman 10 Capcom announced back at the beginning of March? Come on, we even gave you a reminder about it.

Well, it matters not, because the contest is finished and the winners have been announced (as have those on the Japanese side of the contest).

The winning entry on this side of the Pacific is shown above, and comes from Capcom Unity member Laura. In addition to the grand prize swag for her entry, she received the following comments from Capcom staff:

Kevin (creative services designer/artist): The take on the characters is fun and, let’s face it, extremely cute. Good design and it would catch my attention on the shelf because it is out of the ordinary for Mega Man.

jgonzo: Beautiful illustration. The art is gorgeous and whimsical at the same time. I'd love to get a poster of this!

Ito-san (Mega Man 10 Assistant Producer): I was amazed by this artist because she created this unique art style and combined it with Mega Man characters. Just looking at the image soothes me. And even Doctor Wily looks nicer than usual ;) Thank you for showing me a new art style for Mega Man!

For the entries of the runners-up, check out the rest of JGonzo's post at Capcom Unity!