Come See the Sights in Retro City Rampage!

Retro City Rampage by VBlank Entertainment is a Grand Theft Auto-like game which plays like the series' older installments (and Chinatown Wars), depicting the action from a top-down angle. In addition, to add to the "retro" vibe given by the title, the art style is reminiscent of the era of 8-bit gaming. Originally a homebrew project called Grand Theftendo, it has grown into a title that will soon (hopefully; Cave Story, anyone?) see a release on Nintendo's WiiWare downloadable game service.

But, why are we telling you this?

Part of the game's retro charm isn't just in its looks, but also in all of the crazy references to the pop culture of the past. From carjacking the time machine a crazy scientist built out of a car to going to the "Fresh Prints" for all your copying needs, you'll find the game is just packed with sly nods to the trends and icons of yesteryear. According to developer Brian Provinciano:

Many are so densely packed in that you’re guaranteed to miss some the first time through. Though, that also means you’ll always be guaranteed to catch at least some, and replaying it will be even more enjoyable!

As for why we're talking about this on a Mega Man website? See for yourself:

If you don't recognize the building in which the StoogeMac Bank resides, well, we might just have to ask you to turn in your fan card.

Will that be the extent of Blue Bomber references in the game? We don't know, but are definitely looking forward to finding out. But rest assured, there are still plenty of other game references to be found, including "Metal Gear, Back To The Future, Gargoyle’s Quest, Punch-Out!!, ThunderCats, John Stamos (have mercy!), TMNT, and more!"

The game isn't due until sometime in the Fall of this year, but for now, you can read up on it with an interview at Tiny Cartridge, as well as another in the July issue of Nintendo Power magazine (look for Sonic Colors on the cover). There are also more screens and tidbits on the game's official website (with newsletter), Twitter, and Facebook.