Imagine Furnishing Your Room with Rockman

Truth be told, this doesn't really count as "news," since the subject of the story is actually rather old. Nonetheless, it seemed interesting enough to write about. To your right (click to enlarge) is a piece of kids furniture manufactured by Itoki Design in 1994. But don't try to sit in this chair; odds are you might break it, as it sits a mere six inches off the ground.

It, along with the Rockman X2 bookshelf/mini-closet shown below, were a part of a recent Yahoo! Japan auction a few weeks ago. However, the seller backed out and pulled the auction after deciding they would rather keep it for the sake of nostalgia (and who can blame them?).

This piece stands four feet tall, and is said to be big enough for a small set of clothing and some toys.

These two are apparently not the only products bearing the Rockman brand the company has made; other products have included a line of themed office supplies, including pens, pencils, and even pencil sharpeners.

What do you think? Would a similar line of Mega Man office supplies drive you to work harder, or would you be too busy gazing at the illustrations and imagining what adventures the Blue Bomber and his friends could embark on?

Source: Protodude's Rockman Corner