Zero Collection Japanese Superplay Gameplay Medley

This one sort of passed us by, we admit it. Leading up to the release of Mega Man/Rockman Zero Collection, Capcom of Japan released a series of videos which depicted a skilled player (or players) performing some cool moves and achieving some impressive victories in the collection's different games. Some of them may even be easy enough for lesser players to pull off (check out the battle with Harpuia in Zero 1, for example).

We passed on posting initially, as we had hoped there would be an English version we could post (not that these are language intensive, but...). Then we decided to wait until they were all available and post them here in one go. Then we sort of got distracted, and forgot to post the videos...

...that is, until now. Thankfully and fortunately for us, GameTrailers has combined the whole lot of them into a single, easily-digestible video that can be watched in one fell swoop:

And that, as they say, is that.