Get Your T-Shirts Here! Your Winning MMZ Contest T-Shirts, While They're Hot!

Capcom has announced that the winning Mega Man Zero t-shirt from their recent design contest is now available for pre-order from their online store. Make sure you don't delay, as these have been made in extremely limited quantities. On second thought, perhaps you should delay for just a moment, because some of you may not need to place a pre-order. Everyone who attended Capcom's Mega Man Community Event last month will be getting one of these shirts, as will everyone who participated in the Mega Man Zero Collection art contests of the past few months (you lucky ducks, you).

So, if you have a claim to stake on one of these shirts, then send JGonzo a private message with MMZC SHIRT in the subject line, and include your name, size preference, mailing address, and the week you participated in. And if you don't have such a claim, then you'd better move on over to the Capcom Store and order now!

Note: Staff member Maverick-jin8 tried to put in his order earlier, but found difficulty getting Firefox to accept it. Internet Explorer, however, did the trick.