Rumor: Voice of Zero Working with Capcom on Live-Action X4 Fight?

Something new has been churned out by the rumor mill, and it has the potential to please fans of the Mega Man X series, the fourth installment to be precise. Word is that Lucas Gilbertson, the voice of Zero in Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X, Mega Man X: Command Mission, and Mega Man X8, is helming a Capcom-produced live action short film, and is also set to star as the crimson-hued Hunter. The short, which is said to be in pre-production, is said to be based on the following popular cut scene from Mega Man X4, in which Zero and Sigma clash for the first time:

According to Protodude's Rockman Corner, the sequence is being put together by the same group who are behind the live-action mini-movie based on another Capcom property, Dead Rising, and is to be "an act of service to the fans." Presently, the project is slated to appear online sometime next year.

In addition to Protodude's anonymous source, described by him as "reliable," Gilbertson himself has apparently confirmed that the project is real and moving forward.