Cast Your Vote in the Capcom Retro Idol Finals!

It has been a long road for the contestants in the Capcom Retro Idol contest, and now, only three games remain: Mega Man X, Street Fighter II, and Mega Man 2. Three of Capcom's mightiest titles from yesteryear, but in the end, there can only be one winner. ...that is, unless there is a tie. In which case, we really don't know how they plan to handle that.

In any case, those are the three chosen. Previously, Mega Man X carried a somewhat surprising lead over Street Fighter II, with 40 percent and 27 percent, respectively (Mega Man 2 had 12 percent).

The time to vote is now, and the place is here on Capcom Unity.

Will the Blue Bomber succeed? His fate is in your hands.