Are Chances of Finding Newest Mega Man Collection in Australia Zero? (Update)

That seems to be the case down under, according to tipster Xtreme Hedgehog. He recounts his tale of placing a pre-order with his local EBGames for the crimson Reploid's collected conflicts, only to be met with a phone call filled with disappointment yesterday. "They called me up and told me they had canceled releasing the game here," he says. "I was shattered."

Following the EB disappointment, he called GAME to see if they had released it, but alas, it was not to be. The reasons given related to Australia's relatively small size, plus the growing expense of importing video games, for Nintendo platforms and others, into the country. Another eagerly-anticipated game, Sin and Punishment: Star Successor, has reportedly hit the region's chopping block as well.

"It's just too bad I won't be able to play Megaman Zero Collection now," he said regretfully, as he asked us to help spread the word. "I really wanted to play the series because I never have but now I never will."

To any other Australian Mega Man fans reading this: have you found yourself faced with the same obstacle, or might there be some sort of conflicting information amidst the video game retailers in the country?

Update: It appears that things are not as dire for Australian fans as they had first appeared. In the comments below, Xtreme notes that another chain, GameTraders, is not only carrying the game, but carrying an actual Australian version, rating and all.

So Mega Man fans down under, now you know your destination for Zero.