Z-Day: Mega Man Zero Collection Reviews

Z-Day has finally arrived, which means that those who managed to get their hands on Mega Man Zero Collection early and spend some time with it have come forth to enlighten us with their opinion of the title's quality. And interestingly enough, scores seem to be all over the place.

So far, the highest score comes from Nintendo Power magazine, who gave it a 9.0 out of 10 in their July 2010 issue, which can be found on newsstands this week. Following that, Game Informer's review scores it with an 8.00 out of 10, stating "Mega Man fans that missed out on the Zero series should pick up the Mega Man Zero collection, as it makes the drought of new Mega Man titles a bit more bearable."

1UP rates the game with a "B," noting that "Game compilations run the gamut from lavish affairs crammed with bonus content and a suite of options to cheap, barely-functional shovelware. Capcom's Mega Man Zero Collection holds the middle ground between those extremes."

Meanwhile, GamePro gives the game a moderate ranking of three out of five stars. Within, it states that "While its forced adventure elements can occasionally overshadow the core Mega Man gameplay, the Mega Man Zero Collection is packed with enough content and classic platforming and shooting action to justify a look from franchise fans."

...and for now, that seems to be about it. More reviews are sure to come, however, and we will keep an eye out for anything noteworthy.