Capcom Unity Presents: Mega Man Zero 4 Recollections

Mega Man Zero Collection is finally upon us, but before you begin racing to your nearest video game store to see if they have it (well, you should really call ahead first to be safe), we are ready to help build anticipation to a fever pitch by offering the latest and the last of the "Recollection" series of articles from the Capcom Unity. This week's topic? None other than the final chapter, Mega Man Zero 4, of course. For the sake of those who have yet to play and remain relatively unspoiled, I'll simply say that you can find Protodude's thoughts here (mind, just because I'm not spoiling anything doesn't mean these articles aren't), those of 1UP's Jeremy Parish here, Jonathan Holmes of Destructoid here, and our very own Heat Man wraps things up-- with a bit of humor, no less-- for The Mega Man Network here.

For past installments in this series, you can click the following links to find recollections on the previous Mega Man Zero games: 3, 2, 1...

...and we all know what comes after 1, so go grab yourselves a copy, if you can find one today.