TMMN's Mega Man Zero Collection Contest Results!

This is a big week for Zero, with the Mega Man Zero Collection coming out. As you can see we've decorated the site a little to celebrate the release. But enough idle banter.

For one of our smaller scale contests, we still got over 60 entries. And the judging was no cakewalk. Even after reviewing all the entries, it still took about a couple hours of deliberation to settle on a single choice. A lot of you expressed trouble affording the games, or being able to find them in your area, or not having the system to play them on, and it's certainly tough. Some of your stories definitely resonated with our own personal experiences. To all of those who entered, we hope you'll be able to experience Zero if it's in your interests, and while you may not consider yourselves great Zero fans, you are still great fans nonetheless. But one entrant will becoming a Zero fan very soon, and that entrant is Roy Lagendijk!

Congratulations Roy! Once Mega Man Zero Collection is released, we will be sending that and the Official Complete Works over to you! And again, to everyone else, thank you for entering! We always appreciate your support and enthusiasm, and rest assured we will hold more contests, so don't give up hope!

Additionally, some of you wrote in stories and comments that we found pretty amusing as we were judging. We'll be sharing those entry snippets after the break.

Now I'm interested to get the collection because my name is Seven, so I like when the main character's name is a number, and I like this kind of game where there's a guy with a cool sword.

-Seven Omega

I didn't played Mega Man X & Zero yet, but it sounds like a funny game. I've heard the story is about "Omega Zero", a giant android created by a mad scientist called Weil (Wily's grandson) using a mutated alien virus and he is immortal, dying and reviving several times to fight against his rival Mega Man X (another android) to prove he is the strongest robot in the world. A woman called Ciel makes good copies of them with an humanoid appearance, Copy X and Zero, to help stop the fight between the golden giant and the blue seraph, Zero being the main character. With the Zero Collection and the OCW, I'll finally be able to discover how the story really is.


I have never been much of a fan of the non-classic Mega Man series. In reality, I desire this game so I can either change my views on the Mega Man subseries, or so I can take a long stringy dump on the game in the form of a GameFAQs review.

So please, support my cause. Send me this game.


My Dad had picked me up after school that one fateful Saturday evening.  I had just beat little Jimmy in a race after school so I felt pretty confident.  Jimmy caught up to me, managing to spurt out, “Man, *huff* *huff* it’s like you dashed to the finish line!”  Little did I know that an entire world of “dashing” was waiting for me with open arms.


I love Zero.  I think its the same reason I love cats: if Zero were real, he'd beat me.  Because I am annoying.  If my cats were big enough, they'd eat me, because I am fat.  I can forgive Capcom killing and bringing him back from the dead so many times because... its Zero.  Like Optimus Prime's many deaths, it's still lame, but the alternative is integrity drowning in an ocean of sorrow.


I have never been able to complete the first Megaman Zero game or any other Megaman game since then. Since not been able to finish the first Megaman Zero, I have so called frequent “nightmares”. These nightmare starts out at bedtimes where zero is sitting in my chair saying “what are you fighting for?” and I reply: “ Get the hell outta my room!” unfortunately, that didn’t work. It only made him stay there longer.


Thanks again to everyone!