Review of Mega Man ZX Vol. 1

Udon's latest Mega Man manga release, Mega Man ZX Vol. 1, is now out. Our good pal AWD! has a review of the comic over at VG Nostalgia. If you haven't picked up ZX yet, it might be worth a read for you. Here's a little snippet:

I can’t really fault these folks for much, it is after all a book intended for children, but I was at least hoping for a little bit more sophistication. The MegaMan ZX series grates on me on an entirely different level and I DID expect the usual cliches that anime most certainly brings to the table. Such as the drawn-out transformation sequences, horrid exposition on details that we can clearly interpret on our own, panels that don’t seem to add up to the next, making you wonder “huh? Where’d that come from?”

Overall consensus is that the artwork is fine, but the story and characters come off as one-dimensional. But definitely check out the full review for yourself. And what do you think? If you've got the manga already, why not tell what you think of it.