Ippo Yamada Teases a New Game

Good ol' Ippo Yamada. Not only is he the lead sound producer at Inti Creates, and a well-versed musician of Mega Man games, he loves to nonchalantly and vaguely talk about his next projects. Over at the Spiceman Blog, Yamada had this little entry:

Today we launched game development. It's a short development time, but I think it'll turn out to be a pretty enjoyable game.

For now, thanks curry.*

Next one's already reaching a climax, yet...

Of course, per usual it's not mentioned if this game has anything to do with Mega Man. Though I will say, since I've been following Spiceman, all the projects Ippo has vaguely mentioned before have been about Mega Man. I hate to stir the speculation pot, but I can think of at least one thing this game could be!

*The "thanks curry" line is part of a running pun on the site, derived from the word "otsukare" meaning "thanks for your trouble." The Spiceman crew often talk about curry on the blog.