Capcom Unity Presents: Mega Man Zero 3 Recollections

Two weeks ago, Capcom Unity revealed the recollections of Mega Man Zero from four fans. And last week, a slightly-different lineup did the same thing for Mega Man Zero 2. So naturally, it only stands to reason that this next batch is about Mega Man Zero 3. You can find Protodude's reminiscence here, while the words of Destructoid's Jonathan Holmes can be found here. 1UP's Jeremy Parish took the week off to talk about the Collection itself, but that's okay; as it turns out, I probably said enough for two people, anyway.

Seriously, Mega Man Zero 3 has to be my favorite of the saga, and it was like trying to fit a watermelon's worth of awesome into a space the size of a lemon. And I still had to cut things short! Checking out the game again in Mega Man Zero Collection with the built-in mod cards should prove to be a real treat.

For now, we hope you enjoy this. And this week on Capcom Unity, things will be wrapped up with Mega Man Zero 4, and Heat Man will once again return to step up and deliver his thoughts on the series coup de grace.