UDON: ZX Vol. 1 on the Way, Battle Network OCW Formally Announced

As reported before, some official announcements were going to be coming from UDON shortly, and here's the scoop. First of all, Mega Man ZX Vol. 1 is finally hitting retailers on June 2nd. It had some slight issues with printing, but it's now officially ready to launch by the distributor. Next up is the official announcement of Mega Man Battle Network Official Complete Works. Following the tradition of the other Official Complete Works books, this one will be chock full of wonderful artwork, sketches and designer notes. It's slated for release in November of this year. Official press release below.


Mega Man Battle Network reinvented the classic Capcom franchise as an exciting action-RPG, and reintroduced Mega Man to a whole new generation of gamers. Mega Man Battle Network: Official Complete Works collects the stunning artwork of all 6 Battle Network games, as well as Network Transmission and Operate Shooting Star. Inside you'll find character designs, promotional art, rarely seen pieces, and plenty of creator commentary. Mega Man Battle Network: Official Complete Works is a must have addition to any Mega Man fan's collection.

Owning the Japanese version myself, I can guarantee you this is an absolute must-have for Battle Network fans! Get stoked!