New Nintendo Power is Out of This Universe

And not in the way that we had hoped. Earlier this month, we reported a preview for the July issue of Nintendo Power which teased a "cover story" for a "huge new title" against a starry space-themed background. And speculation was that perhaps this had something to do with the recently-registered "Mega Man Universe" trademark.

And earlier today, as some of you are no doubt already aware, SEGA announced a new game for the Wii and Nintendo DS titled "Sonic Colors." By now, I'm sure you can see where this is going.

Also earlier today, but not quite as early, updated their website with a preview of the new issue, and its cover story is... Sonic Colors, "Sonic's solo space adventure" for the aforementioned platforms.

As we noted before, this isn't a complete surprise: Nintendo Power throws some of the best curve balls imaginable when it comes to their teasers.

There was also the part of the preview which said they also had "an astonishing title that stars one of gaming’s most recognizable heroes," though it seems that might have been another reference to Sonic Colors. In the magazine's game directory, there are two mentions of Mega Man, but they are only for Mega Man 4 on Virtual Console and a review of Mega Man Zero Collection.

Those holding out hope of finding out the secrets of Mega Man Universe will just have to wait a little longer-- though perhaps not too long, as E3 is just around the corner. Perhaps then we will find the answers that we seek.