Too Many Mega Man Bosses?

After 23 years and 16 games (to say nothing of all the various little side-efforts), have the Robot Masters of the Mega Man series finally reaches saturation? Are we on the verge of a Robot Master meltdown? This seems to be what the folks at CollegeHumor are implying, as they highlight a number of new robots which seem to suggest that the creative minds at Capcom and Inti Creates are beginning to run out of steam:

Don't try to act like you haven't had the same thoughts-- I saw how many of you lamented Sheep Man and Commando Man when they were first revealed.

Personally, I like "Getting Lost in a Really Bad Neighborhood Man" and "These Snakes Are So Poisonous I Had to Buy Them at 2am From a Vietnamese Dude Who Operates Out of a Shipping Container in Staten Island Man."

Oh, and "Bad News Man" is pretty cool, too.