Capcom Unity Reveals Winners of Zero 1 Art Contest, Initiates Zero 2

About a week ago, Capcom Unity announced the first of several art contests based on the four games which will comprise Mega Man Zero Collection. And now, the winners have been decided. Our own Tabby's entry appears at right, and to see the full assortment of entrants (with comments on the top eight from Capcom's staff), including the winner for this week, click here.

With that said, week two has begun today, and it's based on-- surprise, surprise-- Mega Man Zero 2. However, JGonzo notes "I know that some of you may have not played the series, so for you, please feel free to do anything Mega Man Zero related." The prizes and rules are the same as last week, with the deadline now being 9am PDT on Monday, May 24th. If you need a refresher on the finer points, click here.